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HVP Nepal-UK Virtual Festival 2021


We may not be able to go to Nepal right now, but that doesn't mean Nepal can't come to us.

From 11AM to 12.30PM (UK-time) on Saturday, 15th May 2021, a unique event will be taking place.

HVP Dang, HVP Thali and HVP Central School will be together hosting an HVP Nepal-UK Virtual Festival, to which all supporters of HVP are very warmly invited. The first of its kind, this will be a major online event: a cultural celebration, a social, and a fundraiser all wrapped up as one.

We have a strong feeling that many of our supporters want to have HVP and all that it stands for back in our lives: not just in memory or on social media, but in real time. And we know that the schools need our help. Things have been touch-and-go with COVID-19 and the loss and continued uncertainty over school fees has seriously jeopardised the day-to-day running of the schools.

We thought what better way to bring the global HVP community together and raise money for the schools at a time of vital need than by combining ancient spiritual tradition with the new-found power of technology.

We will be trying to recreate online the experience of both a festival and satsang. Those of you who have been to the schools have only to hear the word - satsang - and you are immediately transported back into the company of your Nepali friends, colleagues and students, everyone sitting cross-legged and joining in the singing, the chanting, the poetry, the dancing and the meditation - for many of us some of the happiest moments of Nepal.

But for everyone, the experience of satsang - literally a gathering together for the truth - gives a timeless insight into the HVP and Nepali way of life.

All three HVP schools are hugely excited about taking part and will be preparing a programme of pre-recorded and live performances put together by the students, ready to come to a screen near you at 11am on Saturday 15th May. Everything has been recorded under Covid-safe practice.

This will be a ticketed event at the cost of £10 per ticket, with all funds raised going towards the continued support of the three schools. Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite at the following link: Once you've registered for a ticket, a secure Zoom link will be sent to your email address to enable you to join in the celebration.

Any further donation that we can pass directly on to the schools would of course be very warmly received via the HVP Nepal-UK JustGiving page:

If you have anything you would like to ask us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch by dropping us an email at

We so hope you will join in the fun and be part of something new and very special.


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