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The Hindu Vidyapeeth (HVP) institutions offer 'Values Based Education’  that embraces the best aspects of the conventional, modern western style of academic education together with an emphasis on open-minded thinking, global awareness, tolerance and the value of selfless service to society. They aim to give the students a good grounding for their chosen careers so that they can prosper in an increasingly competitive environment whilst at the same time preventing them from dissociating with their Nepali identity, their own rich culture. The projects aim to inspire individuals nurturing the desire, confidence and skills they need to contribute towards Nepal’s sustainable development. 


The three HVP schools are in Kathmandu, Dang (west) and Thali (Kathmandu valley). The schools accept students from all backgrounds with fees calculated on a means basis. The HVP scholarhship fund supports children from disadvantaged backgrounds subsidising the cost of education and  covering accommodation and food costs where necessary. Becomes Patron of HVP by contributing to the scholarship scheme, visit Support Us


The HVP Schools receive UK teaching volunteers from Cambridge, Durham and Oxford Universities which increases the capacity of the school's teaching staff, offers opportunities for HVP students to practise their English with native speakers and increases their exposure to international cultures. To find out more about volunteering, visit Get Involved





The Children's Peace Home is located in the district of Dang 410km west of Kathmandu. Children supported by the Peace Home include some whose parents were killed as a result of the political conflict between the Maoist insurgents and government troops as well as those from impoverished families unable to support them through school 

All the children in the Peace Home receive an education at the Dang HVP School traveling everyday by a school bus bought by HVPN-UK. Outside school the children are cared for by the residential Peace Home staff in a warm family environment where they are supported through their studies, vocational training and life skills. Volunteers teaching at HVP Dang are based at CPH, allowing them to support the children in their homework and extra-curricular activities.



Only recently has it become more prevalent for girls to attend school, in traditional Nepali culture daughters would often hold responsibility for household tasks - including caring for siblings - and in many cases would be found husbands at an early age. Based at the Shanti Sewa Ashram (which translates as the Centre for Peace and Selfless Service), the Women's Education Programme offers free daytime classes for women who did not get the opportunity to complete school. 

Unmarried or widowed women who run small businesses gain vocational skills such as money management in addition to psychological benefits such as improved self esteem and confidence. For some, being able to help their children complete homework is the biggest advantage. The programme allows women who are typically isolated and house-bound to spend time together and share their experiences and perspectives with peers.



Also based at the Shanti Sewa Ashram (Kathmandu), this programme offers young people from the surrounding area, in Koteshwor, the chance to work on their studies after school with the support of friends and volunteers. Many are from poor families therefore receive little or no support with schoolwork from their busy parents, who may be uneducated themselves.

The HCS programme offers young students a conducive environment with basic facilities to work, where they are overseen by volunteers from HVP's inspiring Youth Seeds for Peace (YSP) - a network of HVP graduates who wish to continue supporting projects based on the values of Human Values Philosophy.

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