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One of HVP's school buildings was devastated and subsequently demolished after an earthquake of magnitude 7.9 hit West Kathmandu on April 25th 2015

The school has  managed to erect temporary learning centers but are struggling to sustain the same level of classroom activities

Designs for a new earthquake proof building are underway but requires £300,000 funding 


HVP Nepal-UK is a volunteer-led charity and are always on the look out for those who want to spend their time making a difference. 






Becoming a Committee Member looks great on your CV and is a great way to stay in touch with others who care about Nepal, and the HVP community in Nepal.


Whether you are interested in gaining experience in the administration of a registered charity, or have creative ideas for raising funds for the vital work HVP does in Nepal, please get in touch!

For more information email

The HVP schools are served by Summer volunteer programmes from Cambridge, Oxford and Durham Universities. If you would like information about volunteering in the schools or associated projects at other times of year please get in touch.


Please note that the longer you plan to be spend volunteering, the more useful it is for the institutions in Nepal. You will be required to undertake a DBS (previously CRB) sheck before travel. HVPN-UK can provide limited advice and information, but you will be traveling at your own risk as an individual and will be responsible for your own insurance.

The HVP Schools in Nepal are keen to forge lasting partnerships with UK institutions, which can take many different forms depending on interest and capacity. Primary and Secondary schools may wish to 'twin' with an HVP school, running joint projects and exchanging letters and artwork from children in the schools.


Secondary schools, colleges and universities may wish to arrange regular or one-off volunteering or research trips to Nepal for students, and any institution may be interested in a staff exchange for skills sharing.

HVP Nepal-UK is happy to provide advice on potential models for partnerships, and to broker a conversation with the relevant staff in Nepal. We welcome enquiries from any institutions or organisations who wish to fundraise for the HVP schools and projects.


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